Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The bloggers must apologise for the severe dearth of blogging. We are now deep in the mists of Germany but first, some comments from our recent outing to Texas, where we played 7 shows in 5 days at the popular and reknowned festival of music bizness, South by Southwest. Better to leave it to the esteemed press of America to comment.. and to follow soon, some sardonic comment on our travels with Nada Surf.

Johnny Chiba (CMJ)

Cruised across street to Nuno's Upstairs to see Goldrush. I met 3 of the guys on airline stopover from NYC - Austin. Nice guys! Like most SXSW bands, the 'Rush played at least 3 or 4x, parties and showcases. Nice songs, lead singer's chops garner warranted attention; the band is a solid anchor, with a keyboard player who leans towards a noisy edge, then picks up a guitar and adds a distorted cluster of sounds. I told the guy he was the "meat and potatoes" of the band. In his english accent he asked: is that a compliment? By jove, yes mate. meat
After that day, what could Friday night’s official showcases offer to compete? Well, immediately following the first-ever public listening party for the forthcoming Bruce Springsteen album, “We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions” at Waterloo Records, tonight’s Best New Band, Goldrush, takes the stage at Nuno’s Upstairs. With traces of a Gram Parsons influence amidst power pop songs so good, and so hummable that they feel both fresh and familiar simultaneously, Goldrush has me wanting to sing along (and actually singing along) despite the fact that I’ve never heard most of the songs before. That’s good stuff there.

Austin American Statesman By V. Marc Fort | Friday, March 17, 2006, 11:34 PM

Goldrush — composed of two brothers (Robin and Joe Bennett) and three friends (Garo Nahoulakian, Hamish Tesco and G. Roby) promises the potential to be HUGE!
The perfect songwriting and the three-part harmonies are in place. They’ve got a double shimmering-guitar balanced assault, and their rhythm section has listened to enough American country and R&B to give their music a requisite dose of melancholy heart and transcendental soul. And they are just right at crafting the guitar rock that Radiohead abandoned after recording “OK Computer.”
The Bennett brothers and band appeared off-the-cuff and super warmed-up when they took the little stage at Nuno’s Upstairs. Only a few beers earlier, they finished rocking an open backyard party at Homeslice Pizza, which was thin on atmosphere, but ear-splittingly rockin’.
“Waiting For the Wheels” is Goldrush’s signature track, and the reason was obvious as they blazed through a searing version of the Brit pop, Neil Young stomp instant classic. The best tracks from their Better Looking Records, Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev, the Flaming Lips)-produced album “Ozona” followed with equal enthusiastic rock ‘n’ roll abandon.
(Ask a friend or neighbor in Travis Heights about Goldrush’s super-secret South Austin, Sunday evening house party gig.)


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