Monday, April 17, 2006

Diary of a merch guy.. Freiburg 10/4/06

It was an early Monday morning start in the sleepy town of Steventon as Joe and Robin parked up in the van and we prepared to load everything in. The events of the previous night was were already beginning to take its toll on Garo and Growler, who'd been finishing some recordings for the new album. First we headed 5 miles out of our way to the train station where only hours before, Growler had stepped off the train and onto the platform with some poor foreign lady's luggage instead of his own. Luckily both bags made their lonely journeys back into the arms of their owners without much trouble. Off the to pick up G and the rush hour drive to the airport began. While Robin had previously told everyone we were flying from London, his younger brother shook his head, smiled, and without a word drove us to Stansted.
We boarded and took our flight to Basel, Switzerland, where we were met by our driver Jaime. We all went through the polite introductions and headed for Freiberg, Germany for our first show with Nada Surf. The weather was complete crap, and having been lost in the city centre for 15 or so minutes, we suddenly found ourselves outside the venue. We shared pleasantries, ran smoothly through the soundcheck and took a stroll through the drenched streets in search of food.
By the time we got back to the venue, the tour's opening act Clovis ahd already begun. Their sound is a collection of wisery vocals, keyboards and acoustic guitars. It sets a dreamy tone for the start of the evening as Goldrush make their way onto stage and belt our Wait For The Wheels. The venue has already reached its full capacity and I can't help but feel a certain sense of pride as I look out at a crowd of 800 applauding as the last note rings out.


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