Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Day 6 - Hamburg.

An extra early start again to make our way across to Hamburg. Due to it being Easter holidays, the show was at an earlier time of six o'clock. The venue was made for comfort with cushioned velvet like seats and carpeted floors. Nice. I'd like to say for certain that Goldrush were as well received as usual, but i was stuck arguing with people behind the merch table in a back room, trying desperately to explain that i did not sell badges or stickers, and for that fact alone they could not have them for free!!!!! After erecting two signs with clear statements, i resigned to the bus where i kicked trees. I entered the backstage with refreshed ambition to find Goldrush dancing on stage with Nada Surf again. Sudden flashes came flooding back and at that moment i realised just how stupid i must have looked taking part in these activities just a few days ago. The main part of the evening was built up for the aftershow party down the road. After we all sent out a handful of invitations, we expected a good turn out. And that we had. For the sake of all the younger readers, we'll have to keep the details to ourselves. But for those over 21 and share the interest a blog is soon to appear in Hustler. We stayed at a place which seemed to have been a temple for touring bands for the last century. Stained and mouldy coffee cups, broken glass on the floor, no hot water, limited power supply and a thousand unwashed beds. Ahh, what it is to tour!


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