Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Day 5 - Bochum.

The bus had never been so quiet since arriving. We felt terrible. There really is no other way to describe it. The fact we had to drive all the way to Bochum, and then all the way back down the same roads, past Bremen again, and into Hamburg the next day, well the task seemed unthinkable for the state of mind we had found ourselves in. Still, our doing, so we soldiered on. We finally arrived at 'The Matrix' in Bochum and unpacked with slow and cautious movements. The backstage area to this venue was possibly the most unappealing room we could never have dreamed of finding ourselves in. Renowned for its 'metal' music, the walls were plastered with posters of angry looking people who had previously played there. Frightening. We were then informed of a leather clad goth night which happens every week...and of course that particular night was tonight. Over the next hour, things had started to become fairly natural again. Recovered from our hangovers and in good spirits!!!! After another stellar show from Goldrush, the evening took a very large turn into the depths of men in latex, women sporting outfits accompanied with whips and chains and an array of very different arses. And i really do mean that in the literal sense. Half way through Nada Surf's set, half the audience were treated to some odd industrial type music from the room next door and found themselves surrounded by people fitting the description above. After the band had ended the last song, the crowd ran a fair distance for cover and the comfort of loved ones. Sorry, i exaggerate. It's just for all my efforts, i still can't understand the gothic appeal. But god bless you all!


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