Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Day 4 - Bremen

It was a long drive from Darmstadt to Bremen, more or less 475 km, and for the bigger part of the journey the bus was silent with sleeping bodies. Pulling in to the venue, tired eyes widened with excitement as a small fair came in to view! A big wheel, a roller coaster and a few slides. So we unpacked and soundchecked. A few went to the attractions while others carried on sleeping. The venue was more of a small stadium atmosphere compared to what we'd seen over the last few days. Instead of a large standing area, the floor space was minimal while the walls were lined with near vertical steps reaching for the ceiling. It made the gig all that bit more personal though. Things moved quick and we were close to selling out of our supply of cd's, which was supposed to last for the whole tour. Good news but bad news, as there was no way of us getting anymore till we arrived in four days!! But the bars were open and we wanted to celebrate.


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