Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Day 3 - Darmstadt

The day kicked off with Robin, Garo and Joe performing a few songs acoustic in the living room of the student flat we had slept in. A good bit of fun for everyone, then we headed torward Darmstadt. Once we got into the city we had to drive drown narrow cobbled streets weaving in and out of passers-by, eventually ending up in a big square where the venue, 'Central Station', had an overbearing presence compared to the neighbouring buildings. This place really was huge, probably packing the best part of 1000 people overall. The must have been near enough that amount when Clovis finished their set. Goldrush followed the same routine they had since the start of the tour. In soundcheck they seemed dwarfed and miles apart from each other due to the sheer size of the stage, but come 9 o'clock they looked the exact opposite. A big stage meant more space to move, more space to shine. Their size really was quite fearful. After the set, the signing began, then a quick photoshoot backstage before taking part in a live video shoot for Nada Surf's new single. This basically involved us and several handpicked young ladies from the crowd dancing and getting the words wrong onstage as the front row scream back 'Oo Fuck it, I'm gonna have a party'. And that we did. In the early hours of the morning we made our way to the house we were staying in. Odd little place it was. Great set location for some sort of teen slasher film. As the large wooden tour creaked open we were greeted with a bright yellow poster of a band who went by the name of 'Brainless Wankers'. Enough said. Through the virtual pitch black, we bundled into a large room and set up camp for the night.


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