Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Day 2 - N├╝rnburg

The drive was an easy one, 350 km, but it was never going to take the guys long to get back into the touring mindset. With a couple of stops along the way, we arrived at the venue around 5. The venue, Hirsch, was a strange thing situated in what seemed to be an industrial estate, completely out of town. Nevertheless it was had a big capacity of 900 and the sound and lighting was very very good. The boys got onstage at 9 to a big cheer and started their set. Once again, their delivery of the songs and willingness to involve the crowd was rewarded with chants of 'more cowbell', which seems something of a new catchphrase for the band, as Joe takes us into the next song. Fuck air guitar, when the crowd see the cowbell make its last appearance towards the end of 'Everyone of us', their fists are pumping, bottles are hoisted into the air, all imitating and keeping time with Joe. Another glowing performance, and with the band agreeing to do signings of their album 'Ozona', the crowd's eagerness to meet the band is more than apparent.


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