Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hock 'n' Roll

Ah, now where do we begin?....

Started off in Switzerland at the weekend and a bloody marvellous time was had by all.
First gig was groovy and second gig, weird & groovy, taking place as it was in a small crazy isolated spot, run by a
Peter Lorre lookalike with a severe cough who looked after us good & proper & even consented to an after- hours jam session.
Cheers Ibrahim! The Swiss give a inordinate amount of applause when the word 'solids' is used on stage, and we decide
to try it elsewhere in Europe..

The following morning brings hilarity when the van requires a bump start....
In icy conditions the van is pushed towards a downhill slip-road and Hamish, not yet fully awake, and without money or any form of ID, ends up visiting France and Germany, with assorted border control shenanigans, before breakfast.
If we'd known that the direction we were pushing in led to a major road out of town....

Brussels next and we are introduced to Trappist beer and an inexplicably posh hotel.
Best bed G has ever slept in apparently..

'Solids' falls flat.


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