Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Story so far..

Well, New York went by in a kind of bourbon haze, as does tend to happen....
Arrived on Wednesday and pleased to find good friends Cat Martino and popular Amish folkstrels Hopewell doing gigs in adjacent venues on Ludlow St..
This led to refreshments being taken and people waking up feeling unusual on Thursday afternoon..

After several hours enjoyably spent hunting for the van keys.... and the van, and a total of 44 hours restringing the sodding twelve string guitars, we got stuck in to the first gig at the Knitting Factory, which was loud & groovy, well received, and infused delicately with a hint of saffron.
The after show party was notable for the attempts made by G and Hamish to teach Hopewell how to play pool by 'Brish Rools' ("nah, nah "Brish Rools, brish rhhoools' ), and for one of our party being punched in the stomach by Meg White, in response to his request that she 'punch me in the stomach'.

So to Friday, and a jaunt down past the White House to Arlington Virginia and a packed gig alarmingly close to the Pentagon.
The IOTA club has friendly staff & a great sounding room, so a good time was had in spite of one of the guitar amps 'shitting the bed' mid way through. C'est la guerre....

More as we get it.


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