Friday, December 09, 2005

Oh Canada..

Montreal is cold, French and Mark gets a birthday cake.

On to Toronto, which is also cold, less French but gig is groovy and we are taken in by the lovely Nancy and Chris, and wind up playing Hey Joe on a lute at five a.m. The full-throttle 'You'll never Walk Alone' also deserves mention...

Border control OK on the way in to Canada, but for hapless Amish boys Hopewell things turn sour on re-entering the US. They are forced to strip and sing show tunes by over zealous customs oficials, but manage to pull it together for the evening show in Detroit.

Snow gets thicker through the night, and we adjourn to 'The Firehouse', with a dude named Rob, who has a bar/pool hall in his basement, and a band room stocked to the gills with BIG drums, BIG bass amps and other BIG stuff to bang about on.

Goldwell & Hoperush (who have fused inextricably over recent months) lay into musical standards by the likes of Rush, Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin, at absurd volumes and we play pool until we quite literally drop.


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