Monday, December 05, 2005

Note to self: If your going to get a flat tyre, get it in July or August 'cos it's no fun changing a flat on the hard shoulder of a freeway in the depths of winter. Still, we sorted the problem and now we are on the road to Boston, Massachusets.

Played in Philladelphia last night. Aahh....Philly; Home of the Liberty Bell, the world's first grid street system, cream cheese, Will Smith, a friend of ours called Horse( yes, that's right, a man called Horse) and of course the Philly cheese steak. That overblown buffoon Bruce Springsteen sang about the city. He still does, sadly. Now, the Philly cheese steak, for those unfamiliar with the dubious snack is a greasy bread roll smothered with beef, onions, grease, green peppers, some lard, lots of cheese, cheese, a healthy dollop of yak's fat and finally....cheese. Sounds good eh? The majority of the audience at the gig last night didn't think so.
I should also tell you of another culinary disaster that originates from these parts. A traditional Amish 'dish' that goes by the name of 'Scrapple'. Hamish and yours truly were brave/stupid enough to try what can be described as a thick, pan fried slice of pig parts. The taste wasn't altogether bad, but it had the consistency of gritty marshmallow....with a crust.

We always have a great time in Philladelphia. Last night's show was the best yet. We had a great crowd, which included Hamish's old man who came up from South Carolina to get his first born drunk on Belgian beer and to see him rock like a man posessed. Tesco the elder left the gig proud, happy and pissed. Job done.

It snowed last night. As you may or may not know, it doesn't snow much in the Thames Valley so I want to see deep snow, all crisp and even. I'm expecting to see this as we go further north to Canada. It's exciting....cold, but exciting

I keep seeing minature drum kits for sale. You know, kits for kids, which I really keen on getting, so there's a christmas present idea for someone if they're stuck on what to get me. Cheers X


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