Sunday, December 18, 2005

The long journey north

The band has clocked up well over a thousand miles, driving up and down the west coast of North America. I have tourer's arse from sitting in a tour bus too much. Numb bum. Need some exercise or a massage, or a sauna and a swim, maybe a jaccuzi with a bottle a champagne....and cake. Perhaps some home cooked food and fine wines and cheese, y'know, the good stuff. It's not too much to ask....not really.

Played Sacremento, Portland, Vancouver and tonight in Seattle, home of Mudhoney, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and of course Frazier. Oh and Starbucks coffee emporium was set up here apparently. Tonight we play a sold out show for the benefit of local radio station KEXP which should be a good night. Our last gig of the tour so we'll give it something extra, by krikey, so we will.

Flying back to Blighty tomorrow to reunite with loved ones, to drink proper beer and to bask in the cold, damp winter in Oxfordshire.

It's been a riot, met some cool people and had some great shows, so until next time America......Goodbye and thanks


Blogger B said...

i was at the Vancouver show. it was special even if they kicked you all out early... them fuckers... honestly Vancouver is cool... hahaha

come back again anytime!

6:07 am  
Blogger atomicamy said...

I was at the SF show... that was my second time seeing you guys there...

And I know B ^^^^ she told me about how lame it was that you had to end early at the Vancouver show. What a shame. The US loves you, just stay out of the hick parts and you'll be fine.

Also--thanks for the add on myspace.


5:24 am  
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