Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Go West young man

Radio session completed,we head north througth wine country to Monterey, where we hook up with label mate MC Lars, whose folks have the most desirable home any of us have ever seen. Nice.

In the morning we stroll along the beach in a languid fashion and stock up on strings, drumsticks etc in the local music shop, before steaming up to San Francisco and rocking the 'Bottom of the Hill' with a storming set, during which a member of the audience takes it upon himself to leap on stage and play drums for a spell. We would have kicked him off, but he played well, and we thought we'd run with it...

I think some sort of party happened afterwards, and I'm pretty sure Ricky from the Jonestown had a major effect on the procedings.

Word has it tonight's gig is in Sacramento.


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