Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Episode IV: A New Beginning...

Down the centuries man has sought to express himself through word and song; to voice his inner dreams and fears in the hope that they may reflect in the eyes of a kindred soul.

Some have also managed to keep their trousers on while they’re at it.

Chicago comes through for us in raucous style despite seriously cold weather, and the cowbell receives its most rapturous response ever. These people are crazy. We like Chicago.

Best gig of the tour so far and the rhythm section are particularly delighted when, whilst awaiting our crack of dawn flight to San Diego (at the bar, naturally..) the staff of the Empty Bottle crank up the Rush and other prog classics for our delectation after hours. Xanadu anyone? Ooh!

Our ‘Oiseau Matinal’ flight takes us from frozen solid Chicago, via a tepid Denver to baking hot Southern California where a period of readjustment commences (coats off, cries of ‘that’s more like it’, general delirium etc…)

Pausing only to descend on our friend Lisah in order to procure vitamins and startle the bejesus out of her loony dog, we valiantly head north to Orange County where time and reality invert themselves and the appalling vortex that is Saturday night spits us out dazed and confused in LA on a bright Sunday afternoon with a birthday party to go to.

Danny Power is a good mate and getting on a bit, so we have cake together on a roof downtown, while four of the band get a haircut in under ten minutes!!

Tonight’s gig is at the Knitting Factory on Hollywood Boulevard and lots of hobnobbing occurs which is the way we like it. Gig runs like a Swiss watch and off we pop to an after-show ‘do’ across town in Echo Park, where we offer dance stylings not witnessed since the culmination of the Salem witch trials.

Pausing briefly to lie on the floor, we compose ourselves sufficiently to be at our KCRW radio session at 7.45am.

Yes, that’s 7.45am. Ouch.


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