Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here we go again...

Howdy y'all,

Just getting the hang of this 'blogging' business before we set off on tour again at the end of the month. Having just completed a seven week tour of the US, we felt we should document the next one for public consumption (although some viewers may find some scenes disturbing...)

The next tour kicks off in New York City on Dec 1st, winding up in Seattle three weeks later, and if the last one's anything to go by there should be plenty to report.
This one's with Mark Gardener (ex Ride) and the renowned Amish folk quintet Hopewell, who claim to be from New York. Yeah, right..

We'll start posting stuff from the road at the start of next month, and I suppose we'll take turns doing it, so see if you can guess who's writing what. Shouldn't be too difficult as some people have a way with words and others.... erm...... not have way.

Ideally the whole thing will form a sort of historical document, which sociologists of the future can look back on and say things like 'What the fuck was that all about then?' and 'A spell in the army wouldn't have hurt would it?'

Tour dates, biog etc. at and random postings from lunatics the world over at


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